20 Days Baby Stuff Photo Challenge: Day 20

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Week 38 Bump Update

smart_pulse_pressreleaseI underwent a 30 minute electronic fetal monitoring to observe my baby’s heart beat and movement. Thankfully the result came out positive. My baby’s heart rate is normal although she wasn’t really moving a lot during the test because the doctor said she was sleeping. How could the doctor tell? Apart from the fetal monitoring device there was another device that a nurse put on my belly that produces sound as if waking the baby up. When it was pressed against my belly, the baby jolted and moved.

On the other hand, my blood sugar level went normal from 145mg/dL of the previous check up down to 79mg/dL this time. However I was still advised to take a daily shot of 15 unit insulin until my next check up.

Still hoping and praying for a safe and healthy delivery soon!Prayer Hands

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5 Things I Do Less and Miss during the Bump-y Days

When the pregnancy test came out positive I know in an instant there will be a lot of changes in my lifestyle. Whether I’d be advised or not, I’d do what keeps me and the baby healthy and safe. Hence, I barely do these things:
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1. Manicures and pedicures


First few months in pregnancy I could still wear manicures and pedicures. I trim and coat my own nails so I don’t have to worry about salon manicure supplies sanitation. I also hear from many women that it’s not good to have manicure or pedicure when pregnant as the scent of alcohol and nail polish may cause headache or nausea if you’re too sensitive to odors.

When my pregnancy developed I could hardly touch my toes so I stopped doing my pedicures. I don’t trust anyone to do my nails except my sister so she just cut them short and I let them bare/colorless but clean.  My long manicures are now short and as my due date gets closer, I opted natural and colorless nails.

2. Drinking Coffee

I’m addicted to coffee. I won’t last a day without a cup. But my doctor prevents me from having even a small doze. For the baby, I head on the advice.

3. Play Games on Facebook

I’m not a Facebook game addict but I do play some Facebook games out of curiosity. I want to know what hook other FB users on games so I can tell myself how these games are. Since I got pregnant, I seemed to have a change of heart. I prefer WP rather FB! 😀

4. Weekend Getaways

No more weekend getaways like long walks in the malls, themed parks and active adventures outdoor. I am just careful of my pregnancy. I walk for exercise instead near my flat. 😀

248894_10150189572612484_4583381_n5. Night out, movies and alcohol

In the beginning of the pregnancy I could watch movies in the cinema with friends and my sister but as the bump grows bigger, I end my movie going as well as Friday night wine indulgence. I content myself watching movies at home.
It’s quite a change but manageable.

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