Getting Closer, @35 Weeks: The Baby’s Name

We did not expect that naming a baby is a little difficult as it needs a lot of considerations. We consider suggestions from other relatives, we consider spelling, meaning and pronunciation and we even think ahead in the future so that our baby will be proud of her name that we chose for her. My husband left everything to me when naming the baby. He trusted me that much and in the end it is my/our preference for the name prevail.

Here are some baby names we considered:


Krysilla Collete



Sydnee came out as my favourite, voted by my relatives and approved by hubby.

Why Sydnee?

There was an American TV action series, Alias, starred by Jennifer Garner. Her role was an international spy and her name was Sidney Bristow. I really loved that series, completed all the episodes and seasons and that’s how I was inspired to use the name Sydnee although obviously I spelled the name differently.

I also made some researches and it came out:

Sydnee \s(y)- dnee, syd-nee\ as a girl’s name is a variant of Sydney (Old English), and the meaning of Sydnee is “wide island” or “wide meadow. It is of French origin. The meaning of the name Sydnee is contraction of St. Denys. It ranked #989 in U.S. births in 2013.

We added Eliz as her second name. We thought Sydnee has 2 syllables only and our middle is 2 syllables and it sounds too short, hence, Sydnee Eliz. Our searches tell about Eliz as:

[ 2 syll. e-liz, el-iz ] The baby girl name Eliz is pronounced as eh-LAYZ †. Eliz is used predominantly in the Armenian and English languages. Its origin is Hebrew.

Full Name:



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