Baby and Music… and My Favourite Guys


Just as I announced my pregnancy, my friends started recommending Mozart tunes, relaxation music for babies and other  piano songs for me to play so that the baby could hear it and becomes smarter when she grows up. Hmmm… really? I want to believe them. Who wouldn’t want their babies to be smart? But I just don’t want to drop the science and facts right away and avoid arguing about scientific facts against old wives’ tales s so I just smiled and said my thanks for their concern. Besides I wasn’t so sure if their opinions were true and contain scientific bases.

I dig facts on my own to reassure myself of the truths about the above-mentioned issue. Some readings say that babies react to sounds they hear outside the womb but experts could not really tell what those movements mean. I have asked my doctor too and he said medicine cannot observe completely an unborn child’s movement and reaction unlike the baby that has been born already, therefore there is no solid proof that whatever music a mother plays on is pleasant or bothersome to the fetus. Other moms say when they play the same music when the baby was in the womb and after the baby was born, their baby recognizes it, and it helps calm the baby down and brings to sleep. This is believed to be subjective by professionals and varies to every baby. There are reports that toddlers exposed to music or piano music at a very early age tend to be smarter in Maths but no confirmed findings on unborn babies rather they are more on speculations only.

So certainly, you don’t create a genius by exposing him or her to music. It’s the proper development of the babies’ intelligence, heredity and genes. Calming music must have been recommended to pregnant women to set a stress-free mood, relaxed feeling and happy vibes which has been proven to bring positive outcome for the baby’s health. ‘Happy mommy means happy baby’, they say.

And as to music, it is only a choice of the mother to listen to the music for her enjoyment and relaxation…provided that the music is not too loud since it could lead to bad fetal growth, premature birth, loss of hearing or low birth weight.

And speaking of enjoyment and relaxation… I enjoy listening to my personal favorite,  The Piano Guys everyday not to make my baby smarter but because I like their creation and style. I feel relaxed listening to them playing the piano, the cello or the violin. 

Visit them in Youtube: The Piano Guys, my favourite guys!  🙂

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