What Annoys Me Most During Pregnancy?

…… It’s the people I hardly know keep touching my belly!

In the beginning of my pregnancy, when my belly doesn’t show much, random people keep rubbing my tummy while saying ‘congratulations’, ‘wow’, ‘really?’… It annoys me because it surprises me. Why can’t they just say the words and keep their hands off? Eventually, I kinda accept the fact that these people can’t really keep their hands off my tummy, so either I avoid their way or let them touch and make excuses so I won’t stay long in front of them. But as my pregnancy progressed, the same people do the same stuff everyday…

Ok, I let them lay their hands on my belly out of politeness in the long run…but when they start groping my tummy to find my belly button I wanted to snap wrists instantly! That’s unacceptable for me!

I don’t know if other pregnant women allow random people or strangers to rub their belly but as for me, no way!

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11 thoughts on “What Annoys Me Most During Pregnancy?

  1. Me and my wife have 3lovely kids, but I never had the chance to see my wife’s pregnancy as it progress. Since I was working onboard a ship with a 9months contract, so I always leave her on her 1st trimester and come back after she already gave birth. 😦 So sad I never had the chance to hold her belly. But maybe will try to have one more when I’m not willing and able to work overseas.

    • My husband sings the same blues… he left when I was 2 months pregnant for a Saudi contract but I guess we can overcome the situation… just like you 🙂 You and the wife wouldn’t go for 3 lovely kids if things were too difficult/unbearable for both of you , would you? 😀
      Thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving a comment! All the best to you onboard! 🙂

      • Well we have alot of ups and down during the course of our married life. My wife is a very jealous lover for no valid reason, and I have to live with it ‘coz I’m still inlove with her. In return she has the longest patience I ever know, she can endure my short coming and occasionally childish moods. I believe thats LOVE 😉

  2. In many cases some see with their fingers – where they always touch instead of just watching – I think that pregnant women very often are very beautiful (you too) – but I wouldn’t dream of touching them on their belly without they had asked if I would… 🙂 😉

  3. I think you should make stickers like this and stick it on your belly. That would make them think for sure. 😉 Some folks are just born stupid. You just don’t do something like that.

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