Fallen in Love with an Angel

Having a child who,
smiles at your after her long sleep
smiles at you, probably, even after her bad dream
is an excellent convenience you won’t trade for gold



Loving a baby girl who,
touches your cheek while you’re sleeping
looks at you lovingly when you sing or speak…
is a gratifying endeavor of motherhood


It breaks your heart seeing a child’s tear start to run down her cheeks…
this baby girl cries when grandma walks away or says goodbye
this baby girl cries when she thought we forgot she needed to drink her milk
‘mimi’ ‘lala’ she whimpers… that, I rather find cute!



Look! She’s quiet, she’s thinking..?
“Am I gonna stay alone tonight or will I have a good sleep
Is mama gonna sleep beside me or Am I going to sleep in my crib”
“No, baby! Mama’s gonna cuddle you to sleep.”


Sleep tight baby love
Tomorrow’s a new day for us to live in joy
Mama’s totally in love
with an angel beside her tonight…

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