God Bless, Sydnee Elise!

Our little girl received the Sacrament of Baptism last March 23 with a beat for it was a double celebration – my natal day and her Christening.  Many of our friends and relatives came to celebrate with us and we are really blessed for the weather was perfect, the food was more than enough for all who attended, and the venue was well-organized… A great thanks to many friends who have helped.

Mom's baptism invite designs and baptism souvenirs

Mom’s baptism invite designs and baptism souvenirs

Saint Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church                         where Sydnee was baptized... Mom and Dad's favorite Church too!

Saint Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church where Sydnee was baptized… Mom and Dad’s favorite Church too!


Being blessed and baptized!

Tongue Out! Just Baptized! And being naughty!

Tongue Out!
Just Baptized! And being naughty!

Family and friends gathering... An aunt saying prayers and blessing before meal

Family and friends gathering… An aunt saying prayers and blessing before meal

Mom's friends, godmothers and godfather!

Mom’s friends, godmothers and godfather!

I was glad my little one did not have tantrums. She cooperated well during the baptism and in the reception. She may have cried a little but that was when she wanted milk. She’s a natural entertainer that’s why her cousins adore her and are pleased to play with her. Grannies are even enthusiastic to fool around with her too.

 The celebration was a success. There’s nothing I really ask from God except an excellent health for the baby. Looking forward for the next celebration and gathering… Sydnee’s first birthday!

Orange Juice and More Please, Our Baby’s Progress

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This baby loves orange juice and pureed fruits. One we gave her mashed banana with honey she cried for more when we thought she was full and stopped feeding her.

She’s getting bigger and sharper and the development of her fine motor skills is noticeable. She’s able to hold her bottle properly now while lying sideways and watching her nursery video/songs. She likes to have her headband on contrary when she was smaller; she cried when I put headband on her. Her hair is getting longer too and we’re glad she likes her hair done with colorful and cute hairclips. 🙂

Surrounded with Love

Last Christmas and New Year, baby Sydnee received a lot of gifts-love- from the people who care about her. She also received a pair of earrings from her Papa from Saudi Arabia.
A friend once said to me, “Why would people give things to a baby who doesn’t know or who doesn’t understand therefore can’t use the presents at all?”
Well, this is the time I’d like to tell him that if people care about my baby, I would be the happiest mother. I don’t want to say it’s not the baby they’re going to please but the mother, but it seems that it is the case. However, when the baby grows up, I have memories to tell her how much she was wanted, loved and appreciated when she was young.
Do you think the baby still doesn’t understand and appreciate the efforts and love being poured on her then?  I don’t think so.

DSC_2134 copy




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Syd’s Fave Sleeping Position

This is the first time I saw her sleep like this. I had a sleepless night because I was scared she could suffocate herself. I moved her again with her back on the bed but after a minute she turned again so I let her chose her sleeping position where she’s comfortable and can sleep soundly.
Today, even at daytime she sleeps like this and she’s getting smarter as how to move her head in order to get some air 😀

Her pink teddy mate sleeps like her too (✿ ♥‿♥)

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Little Miss Stripes

Camera 360

Her aunt bought her a stripes sweatshirt for the cool weather few weeks ago. I guess it looks good on her but at first I thought it won’t fit her well. But as soon as we tried it on her, we’re glad it looks nice on her. We’re also glad she like it. Camera 360

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February… I love you!

Ah, there comes February trotting its way with a big heart! February is the love month as many people say so I want to celebrate the love month as if I was a teenager (hehe)

Since I was kind of won over to some sorts of negativities as January ended, I’d like to make up all those wasted moments. Therefore I’d like to welcome this month with a smile and live with love and optimism.

DSC_0184This little girl is the fruit of our love. I discovered I was 8 weeks pregnant on the 2nd of Feb 2013. It was one of the happiest days of our lives. We were so excited to tell our families about the blessing. It was in the love month that our lives totally changed and painted rainbow.  And this February 2014, our little girl turns 5 months old. Time flies so fast and there’s no greater treasure than this fruit of love we have!